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Asenlix 30mg clobenzorex capsules


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Asenlix 30mg

Asenlix 30mg is an anoretic drug that is being prescribed in Mexico. The Mexican Physicians’ Desk Reference describes this drug as especially useful in patients that have diabetes, cardiac impairments, hypertension, anxiety, hyperactivity, and psychiatric illnesses. They attribute this to a low degree of central nervous system activity and “physical excitation.


Anorexigenic, auxiliary in the treatment of exogenous obesity. Treatment associated with diet in patients with obesity and a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 30 kg / m 2 , who have not responded to the appropriate isolated diet. In terms of weight reduction, it has only been proven effective in the short term.

Clobenzorex warnings and precautions

Strict medical control; before prescribing clobenzorex, secondary organic causes of obesity should be excluded; include dietary and psychotherapeutic measures; risk of severe pulmonary HTN, therefore the therapeutic indications and duration of the treatment must be respected, a treatment greater than 3 months and a BMI = 30 kg / m2 increases the risk of pulmonary HT, appearance or worsening of exertional dyspnea suggests the possibility of pulmonary hypertension occurring, so treatment should be stopped immediately and the patient should go to a specialized center; cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, often after rapid weight loss. In obese patients at risk of en. vascular, special care should be taken to ensure gradual and controlled weight loss; patients with a history of disease.


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