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Clobenzorex 30 mg capsules



Clobenzorex 30 mg

Clobenzorex 30 mg is a medication that belongs to the group of anorectics and is prescribed for overweight. Excess weight is considered to be with a BMI of more than 30kg / m². The medication is prescribed in the following cases:

  • if diet does not work;
  • if you need to quickly reduce weight in order to avoid heart problems, high blood pressure, the risk of diabetes;
  • if treatment or surgery is necessary, but there is a high risk of complications due to being overweight;
  • in other cases.

It is an adrenergic agonist drug that is used to treat obesity. This can cause insomnia, anorexia, and irritability.

Generic name: Clobenzorex.

Brand name: Asenlix.

The tablets are green.

Composition :

Active substance    1 tablet
Clobenzorex     30 mg

Manufacturer: Aventis.

Side effects of clobenzorex 30 mg

Side effects may differ from patient to patient, depending on overall health.

increased vigilance;
dry mouth;
difficulty sleeping.


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