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Obeclox 30mg Box with 60 capsules


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Obeclox 30mg

Obeclox 30mg use in treatment of patients with overweight or obesity, with some associated pathology and who have not responded to diet and physical activity.

To know before buy Obeclox 30mg 

Anorexigenic Drug (Inhibits appetite and anxiety to eat without hunger).

Clobenzorex is the most powerful anorectic substance that exists. In addition to inducing an excellent thermogenic effect.

Active: Clobenzorex 30 mg.

Dosage: 2 capsules per day

Effect: Inapetence and Thermogenic.

Presentation: Box with 60 capsules

Medix Laboratories


  • Obeclox : 30 mg capsules of clobenzorex hydrochloride. So The box has 30 or 60 capsules.
  • Obeclox LP : 60 mg clobenzorex 60 mg tablets and manufactured by MEDIX also  indicated for the treatment of obesity in patients with a body mass equal to or greater than 30 kg / m 2.


The dose administered for children over 12 years of age and adults corresponds to two 30 mg capsules per day. The first intake is consumed in the morning before eating breakfast and the next will be done before lunch at noon.

Treatment with Obeclox should not exceed 3 months.

It is important that this medicine is taken following a specific diet recommended by the specialist, either the doctor or nutritionist, in order to improve the results that are expected to be obtained.


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