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Rohypnol flunitrazepam ( buy 2mg , 1mg )


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Rohypnol flunitrazepam

Rohypnol flunitrazepam l, a trade name for the drug flunitrazepam, is a central nervous system depressant. The drug is legally manufactured and available outside the United States but is neither manufactured nor approved for sale
within the United States.

Which drugs cause similar effects?

Drugs that cause similar effects include GHB (gamma hydroxybutyrate) and other benzodiazepines such as alprazolam (e.g., Xanax ), clonazepam (e.g., Klonopin ), and diazepam
(e.g., Valium ).

Benzodiazepines induce anterograde amnesia. The condition most often occurs within the first few hours after ingesting the product, and therefore, to reduce the risk, patients should ensure that they will be able to sleep undisturbed for 7-8 hours (see 4.8).

what does Rohypnol flunitrazepam look like ?

Rohypnol , manufactured as a caplet. In 1997 the manufacturer responded to concerns about the drug’s role in sexual assaults by reformulating the white, 2-milligram tablets. (The original tablets dissolved clear in liquid, making it nearly impossible for a victim to detect their presence in a beverage.) The new
smaller dosage (0.5 mg and 1.0 mg) caplets are dull green with a blue core
that, when dissolved in light-colored drinks, will dye the liquid blue. However, the dye may be disguised in blue or dark-colored liquids, and generic versions of the drug may not contain the blue dye.

How is it abused?

The tablet can be swallowed whole, crushed and snorted, or dissolved in liquid. Adolescents may abuse Rohypnol to produce a euphoric effect often described as a “high.” While high, they experience reduced inhibitions and impaired judgment.

Street Terms for Rohypnol

Forget-me pill
Forget pill
La rocha
Lunch money drug
Mexican valium
Rochas dos

What are its overdose effects?

High doses of Rohypnol, particularly when combined with CNS depressant drugs such as alcohol and heroin, can cause severe sedation, unconsciousness, slow heart rate, and suppression of respiration result in death.


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